Shan Roberts

My name is Shan Roberts.. I was thankfully given Lorna’s contact details last year, what a lucky day that was for me….

I went to meet up with Lorna with 5 different “French admin” problems, one of which had been going on for nearly 5 years… I was very much pulling my hair out trying to get things sorted..

My admin problems that needed sorting were….

*Cpam health care carte vitel, the 5 year problem.

* Registration of an English car with no proof of entry to France before Brexit

* 2 separate applications for Carte De Séjour (with missing health care cover)

* New addition to a “siret number”

I had already been to 2 other “helping hand” services with not much luck…

I had only been sitting with Lorna for around 30 minutes when she had already started to get to the bottom of my long term problem…

Within a matter of a few short weeks all my issues were sorted (hallelujah).. all boxs ticked at last ..

A couple of main things that you get from Lorna is, speedy full communication at all times, total calmness, in turn giving you full confidence that things “will get sorted” and very much “peace of mind”….


I can’t recommend Lorna enough if you have things that need sorting….


A massive “thank you” from both of us….

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