John and Poppy

“My wife and I had many sleepless night when we first came to France reading through the legal processes for the documentation needed to reside here, and are so happy we chose Lorna to take on fully the task for all of our needs, including Residency, Health / CPAM, Tax Registration, plus a few other things such as Vehicle Registration.
She has a very in-depth knowledge of the legal system in France and knows the correct route to take regarding any enquiries we had, plus when talking to the authorities, they all acknowledge Lorna’s applications for her clients are always completed correctly and on-time.
We put 100% assurance in Lorna’s abilities and her work is strictly confidential, we still use her for many other on-going matters as there is always some new developments which needs someone with Lorna’s skills to deal with these for us, we certainly highly recommend her to anyone who needs legal / advice help for all matters for working / living in France, we now sleep much easier knowing our enquiries are being handling in confidence and in a professional manner by her”.
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