We were introduced to Lorna when we first moved to France, trying to battle through the red tape of purchasing a house in France and applying for residency before the Brexit, plus Covid lockdowns and travel restrictions.

From the very first chat with Lorna, she calmed me down, and took away all the stress that my muddled mind was experiencing. I felt quite relaxed after I had spoken to her, I nicknamed her Mrs G&T!

She got us through a difficult Carte Vitale application, as I am divorced, and my birth certificate and marriage certificate were handwritten, so we had to use a translation service and she kept us updated at all times.

She explained everything that we needed to do, and where she could, she did it for us, not only for the Carte Vitale and Titre de Sejour, but anything in general that we did not understand – we must have drove her mad, but she was always happy to speak to us and was helpful where she could be, additionally she is  available, kind and considerate, Her rates are very reasonable, and from the onset she let us know what to expect in the way of costs.

Now that we have our Carte Vitale and Titre de Seour, we will very soon be approaching her for the vehicle registrations.

We found it very confusing and stressful with the move, however having someone like Lorna on your side, who you can trust is a tremendous weight lifted.

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