Neil Rose

Little did I know, on a bleak December evening,  leaving my house in The U.K. forever, the French dream I was embarking on, would also include a goodly amount of nightmares, predominantly in the form of French paperwork and Bureaucracy, prior to leaving, and after my arrival, I enlisted the help of a number of different ‘hand holders’, unfortunately, when things got very difficult they simply let go, and I stumbled and fell.
I was,  by chance, very fortunate to have been put in touch with Lorna, within a very short period my fortunes changed dramatically and the various ‘mountains’ I had to climb had been reduced to small hills by Lorna’s professionalism, knowledge and tenacity.
Two processes, which are generally, relatively simple were at times looking impossible, however, Lorna found different approaches to tackle these issues and they were successfully resolved, it cannot be overstated, but I firmly believe, had it not been for Lorna and her outstanding commitment to the job that needs to be done, I would not, still be enjoying my French dream.

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